Mobile Web Applications Interoperability Event

18 10 2011

Are you concerned about mobile fragmentation? Do you need to test a Web application on a mobile device? If so, we would like to invite you to the Mobile Web Applications Interoperability event on 6-7 December 2011, in Sophia-Antipolis, France.

This event, co-organized by W3C through MobiWebApp and MOSQUITO project partners, and hosted by ETSI, will be the occasion:

  • to practice and develop test cases for the W3C testing framework. Web specifications under consideration are those directly relevant for the development of mobile Web applications (candidates include the audio/video elements in HTML5, HTML5 Application Cache, the Contacts API, Device Orientation Event specification, Web Storage, Web Workers).
  • to test Web applications on a wide variety of devices through various network configurations

Participation is free and open to everyone. Please register on ETSI’s Web site by mid-November.

Check the Call for Participation for details.



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