Early bird for mobile Web training courses

20 07 2012

Registration is open for a new round of mobile Web online training courses to start on 3 September 2012. In these courses, you learn to “mobilize” pages and deliver a good Web experience on mobile devices. Specifically, you will learn:

  • The basic design principles and coding techniques of a mobile Web page
  • Styles to adapt to different viewports
  • JavaScript to enhance the user experience
  • Server-side content adaptation

These 6-week long W3C online training courses, supported by experienced and professional trainers, let you study at your own pace. The courses are separately delivered in English and in Spanish:

The advanced “Mobile Web 2: Applications” course will start on 15 Oct. 2012. Moving beyond best practices, this course covers all techniques you need to know for programming successful mobile Web applications: HTML5 mobile, JavaScripts APIs, etc.

Learn more about W3DevCampus, the W3C online training for developers program.



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