Mobile Web courses to start in one week – Register soon!

27 08 2012

Learn how to easily develop robust mobile friendly Web sites so to deliver the best experience to your users, and enroll before Monday 3 September!

The “W3C mobile Web Best Practices” training courses are delivered online, by experienced and professional trainers.  Over a 6-week period, from 3 September to 14 October 2012, you will notably learn:

  • The basic design principles and coding techniques of a mobile Web page
  • Styles to adapt to different viewports
  • JavaScript to enhance the user experience
  • Server-side content adaptation

The courses are separately delivered in English and in Spanish:

Read what are the benefits of online training and how it works. (ve ¿CÓMO FUNCIONA?). For more information, visit W3DevCampus, the W3C online training program for Web developers.



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